Metropolis – Finnish Art & Design by Jussi Lahtinen

Every city is unique. It's a system of codes, signs and symbols. Changes take place every day. Urban environment around us develops rapidly. We can't stop this. Metropolis Art & Design speaks to us in language we all understand even if we come from different corners of the world. It's a language of memories, associations, dreams and images. It's a dialogue with several generations of citizens in one moment of time. Artist and Designer Jussi Lahtinen invites us to travel in time and juggle Past, Future and Presence of cities.

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Tampere, Finland

Metropolis – Tampere

Metropolis – Oulu

Metropolis – Turku

Metropolis – Lahti

Metropolis – Helsinki

Metropolis – Tampere

Metropolis – Vantaa

Metropolis – Pietari

Metropolis – Avignon

Metropolis – Barcelona

Metropolis – Leipzig - Berlin